Our Work

We work to improve performance across all elements of healthcare management - from eliminating unnecessary waiting times for patients, to ensuring strong performance frameworks are implemented, building on your current governance arrangements.


We work with healthcare leadership teams to systematically identify and diagnose the root causes of their system delivery challenges and then coach managers to achieve performance compliance and sustainability. 

Performance Improvement

We are subject matter experts in performance improvement - that's systems, processes, governance, implementation and oversight.  We understand what goes into achieving and sustaining compliant performance across a range of indicators.  We co-design new ways of working and coach managers and teams on how to get there.  We work with organisations to improve their knowledge and correct application of cancer waiting times (CWT), Referral to Treatment (RTT) guidance, demand and capacity modelling and planning, as well as developing sector and local level improvement and recovery plans and cross-organisational policies.

Service Redesign &

Change Management

Our expertise goes beyond elective care, and we have extensive experience of reviewing, redesigning and implementing improvements using tested principles, such as LEAN, along the whole patient pathway and where it interfaces with non-elective flow such as diagnostics (radiology and pathology), theatres and critical care.  We work closely with clinicians and operational teams to identify the change needed and agree strategies and tactical approaches to bring their colleagues and teams on board to ensure successful outcomes.  

Project Design & Leadership


Development & Coaching

As well as delivering performance improvements, we provide design and implementation capacity for bespoke health projects.

We are strong advocates for coaching and mentoring in the workplace with the aim of improving individual and team performance and productivity through motivation. 


We work with managers and teams around self-development in their work roles (as individuals, team members and leaders), developing dynamism in leadership styles, addressing limiting beliefs and other negative individual and team dynamics, as well as providing clarity around career aspirations and personal goals.